Yulia’s Trip to Dallas: A Review

Representing Imminent Inc on a business trip is always a rewarding experience. The learning and networking opportunities are endless, and professional growth is a given. Our colleague, Yulia, can attest to these facts. She just returned from a quarterly conference in Dallas, Texas.

Yulia says, “The Dallas conference was great. Coming back to Chicago, I was a better version of myself. I’m now stronger and more confident. I saw myself in the speakers there, and in the hosts. I saw myself standing up there in front of a new wave of top leaders. I know I’ll make it there, and it will only be the beginning!”

According to Yulia, the importance of company culture was one of the biggest takeaways of the event. Culture is a top priority for Imminent Inc as well, so she was immediately excited to learn more on the subject. “All the speakers and hosts had one of many things in common, and that is their value of not just team culture, but positive team culture,” states Yulia.

“This is a people-building business, so positivity and teamwork absolutely must be leveraged,” she continues. “It’s essential to network with influential people in this industry because success breeds success. You want to surround yourself and your knowledge with those who share the same principles and have something constructive to offer. Everyone has something unique to share, and doing so promotes diversity and expansion.”

The Dallas conference was obviously a hit. To continue learning about our travels, check out our Imminent Inc Newswire.

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