The Steps to Meet, Greet, and Learn for Success

Success doesn’t occur in a vacuum. In our Imminent Inc office, we recognize the importance of networking as part of our people’s professional development plan. As such, we encourage them to build connections with others who can play key roles in their career growth. Here are some of the tips we offer our team members to meet, greet, and learn for success:

• Networking Opportunities Are All Around: There are many avenues we offer through which our branding experts have access to influential people. When they work on campaigns, volunteer for causes, and attend conferences, they have opportunities to connect with industry and business leaders.

• Make It About Them: One of the surest tips for networking success we pass on at Imminent Inc is to listen more than we talk when we meet someone. The best practice is to start with an open-ended question that gets others sharing information about themselves. From there, we can find common ground on which to build a lasting relationship.

• Be Open to Learning: When we meet with people who are accomplished in their fields, we need to be ready to learn from their experiences. This means being open to constructive feedback and other advice that can help us grow.

Effective networking goes beyond exchanging business cards. It should lead to fruitful contacts with whom we can find ways to help each other. Follow Imminent Inc on Twitterfor more tips on how to connect.

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