Perseverance Powered Our Success in 2018

We learned from everything we experienced in 2018, strengthening Team Imminent Inc every step of the way. There were challenges to meet and obstacles to overcome, and we’re proud to say we answered the call time and time again. We’re looking forward to keeping the positive momentum going right through a record-breaking 2019.

The Imminent Inc management team described the past year as one defined by team-oriented growth. Tenacity has always been a defining behavior of our brand managers. This continued throughout 2018, as we pushed through challenges to rack up big wins on behalf of the brands we represent. We believe this type of grit separates us from the competition and is a key reason for our ongoing expansion.

Reflecting on our past achievements is another strategy we employ as we look ahead to 2019. We frequently take stock of where we are in our individual and team development. By doing so, we find areas in which we can improve as well as winning moments we can use for inspiration.

We do our best to celebrate every victory, including minor milestones that lead to major accomplishments. This is something we plan to do throughout the year to come, adding extra motivation each time.

Next year is going to be an exciting one for Imminent Inc.

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