PRESS RELEASE – Imminent Inc Is Giving Back This Holiday Season

LOMBARD, IL – Imminent Inc leaders are preparing to ramp up the company’s giveback efforts this holiday season. A member of the firm’s management team discussed these plans and the benefits of supporting good causes as a team.

Members of Team Imminent Inc contribute to good causes both local and global throughout the year. The holiday season represents the ideal time to take philanthropic endeavors to new heights, so the firm’s brand managers are planning to prepare meals for the less fortunate. One of the company’s managers noted that the holidays bring about a special kind of gratitude. Team members are excited to spread some goodwill and brighten the season for as many people as possible.

The holiday season is a busy time for any business, but Imminent Inc brand managers feel it’s worthwhile to take time from their schedules to serve festive food to those in need. Company leaders have always made giving back a core cultural element. Helping people in their community is one of the best ways for team members to get into the holiday spirit and maximize the many benefits of social impact efforts at the same time.

Imminent Inc Leaders Recognize the Business Benefits of Community Giving

There are definite rewards that come with supporting good causes as a team, including enhanced morale around an office. Imminent Inc leaders also understand the business benefits that emerge from giving back to the community. A sharper reputation is one of these key positive outcomes, as the connections team members make with local leaders tend to pay off in unexpected ways down the line. With every giveback event they organize, the firm’s leaders further establish Imminent Inc as an organization that truly cares.

Giving to good causes also makes the community a better place to live for everyone. Imminent Inc brand managers are inspired by the fact that the impacts they make through philanthropy can spread throughout their region. The fact that people come to associate the company’s name with doing good work in the community is an added bonus.

Team members also get to know each other better through their giving efforts. Hidden talents and shared passions come to the surface when professionals get away from their work roles to make a difference in people’s lives. The stronger bonds that form through giving back as a team lead to winning collaborations that benefit everyone involved. Every charitable endeavor is a team-building event for Imminent Inc.

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