Hands-On Training: Learning Done Right

There’s something refreshing about the Imminent Inc learning environment that drives all areas of our success. We take a different approach to ensuring our people have all they need to thrive in the sales and marketing industry. Let’s take a closer look at our professional development culture.

For our newly hired branding experts, onboarding with Imminent Inc involves more than just watching videos or studying manuals. We believe that the best knowledge transfer comes from hands-on experiences. Therefore, starting on day one, when a new team member joins our firm, he or she is partnered with one of our seasoned managers who will serve as their coach. Together, this duo will work on every facet of campaign development, from meeting with brands, to customer research, to designing creative material. They’ll assist in launching these on-site marketing events and optimizing them in real time.

There’s more to running a business like Imminent Inc, and each of our team members has plenty of opportunities to gain experience in HR functions and other operations that build their confidence. One day, the most ambitious individuals will find themselves managing their own offices and teams.

The learning doesn’t stop after initial training. Our brand specialists continue their education through regional trainings with other top offices and by attending national conferences which will prepare them to lead.

We like to think our program is learning done right. Like us on Facebook to catch a glimpse of our work in progress.

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