Finding and Benefitting From Great Mentors

We often discuss the importance of mentorship around the Imminent Inc office. In our collective opinion, having personalized coaching is essential for any professional who wants to further his or her career. Through our experiences with this kind of transformative learning, we’ve picked up a few key strategies to find the ideal mentor.

The first step in identifying the best coach for your needs is to make sure you’re ready to accept assistance. This means both being open to criticism and having enough time to make a relationship worthwhile.

Before searching for a mentor, it’s important to establish clear goals so that we can identify who best to help us reach them. If you know why you want to accomplish something but don’t know where to start, you have an obvious starting point for a qualified coach. Being as specific as possible with your objectives is vital because it allows your mentor to offer the most helpful insights he or she can.

New additions to Team Imminent Inc don’t have to search for dedicated mentors, as we match them with seasoned team members who provide hands-on training. All of our tenured leaders started from the entry level, so they know what it takes to rise through the ranks.

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