We Equip New Hires for Long-Term Success

As we continue to push past our Imminent Inc growth targets, we’re looking for new talent to join our team. Our methods are successful because seasoned managers oversee them, and the same is true for our training system. Leaders within our firm are perfectly suited to offer guidance to new hires because they’ve risen through the ranks here.

Hands-on experience is a powerful element of our training system. Supervising projects and running meetings becomes second nature to our brand experts because they practice them from their first days on the job. Every new challenge helps our people build confidence and inspires them to push beyond their comfort zones.

Personalized coaching also plays a big role in our Imminent Inc developmental approach. Seasoned leaders offer uniquely helpful insights honed through their own experiences. This means our newest hires understand what they need to accomplish and receive insider’s perspectives on how to do so.

We also work to create an ownership mentality in everyone who joins our team. When people treat their careers as though they were running their own companies, they’re more engaged in making daily progress toward their learning goals. We trust our team members to take risks and learn from unexpected outcomes as they pursue professional growth.

These aspects of our training approach fuel our people’s lasting success. Like Imminent Inc on Facebook to learn more about how we help our newest hires excel.

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