Why Dena Is an Imminent Inc Superstar

When we work hard, it’s always satisfying to know that our efforts are appreciated. In our Imminent Inc culture, we place a premium on recognition. Our philosophy is simple: People who deliver results deserve praise. This month, we’re placing our company spotlight on Dena, who epitomizes what it means to be a star performer.

As a trainer, Dena’s outstanding accomplishments have positioned her as an office standout. The President of Imminent Inc said of this talented individual, “She is really exceptional. Dena is an extremely fast learner who embraces a growth-oriented mind-set. Since her arrival, she has been motivated to assume a lot of responsibility. She is currently showcasing her instructional qualities as she trains others.”

Within the Imminent Inc advancement program, people like Dena have multiple avenues to stretch their skills and become more proficient in other areas as well. “Dena is already working in HR where she conducts training and leads meetings,” the President said. “She has even sat in at higher-level meetings. Her future is quite bright with us.”

What traits allow Dena to be a star performer? First, she has a positive attitude that’s matched with a resolve to get the job done and done well. She’ll volunteer to help wherever her skills are needed, and provides her colleagues with plenty of support as they strive to reach their goals too.

Dena is just one of our many superstars. Check out our Newswire to see who we highlight next.

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