By Building Relationships We Grow Our Business

The on-site marketing industry is booming, and Team Imminent Inc is perfectly poised to take advantage of the increased demand for our services. Not only are we experts at reaching out to consumers, but we’re pros at cultivating relationships with the brands we represent as well.

In fact, we’re so good at adding new companies to our portfolio that we’ll soon be creating new types of campaigns. We are excited for this chance to showcase the talents of our team members and expand the scope of our business in the near future.

Another aspect of this growth that we’re looking forward to is having room to bring new team members on board. As our current staff takes on more responsibility, they will earn promotions that leave many of our entry-level positions open. To continue to provide the high level of service for which Imminent Inc is known, we’ll need to find people to fill these roles.

Ideal applicants will be self-motivated, and have an appreciation for continual learning. We’re less concerned with experience, because our comprehensive training and one-to-one coaching provides novice team members with access to all the information they need to thrive in our industry. What’s more, we offer development through workshops and seminars that will put career-oriented professionals on the fast track to management.

Success in business is about building relationships, and our skill in this area drives our growth. Learn more about how we help brands and team members succeed by checking out our Imminent Inc Newswire feed.

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