Our Best Tips for Tough Interview Questions

We’re always looking for driven and business-minded people to join Team Imminent Inc. Through our hiring efforts, we’ve found that the most impressive candidates are those who prepare themselves to respond to even the toughest questions. Here are a few types of queries jobseekers need to be able to answer if they want to make positive impressions:

• Greatest Weakness: This kind of question is always tricky for candidates, because they’d rather not seem inadequate in any way. When we interview potential Imminent Inc hires, we want them to address this inquiry with improvement in mind. If someone acknowledges a weak spot but also includes how he or she is working to strengthen it, we come away impressed.

• Previous Jobs: We want to hear candidates put a positive spin on every experience they might mention from their previous jobs. This includes problems they had to overcome as well as important lessons they learned in the process.

• Why to Hire: When jobseekers are asked why they should get a certain job, they need to be prepared with key details. We listen for a person’s qualifications and how they match up with the position we need to fill. If a candidate can explain what he or she can bring to Imminent Inc in clear terms, we feel confident about our hiring decision.

Potential hires need to be ready to offer strong responses to these questions. Learn more about how we approach interviews by liking Imminent Inc on Facebook.

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